Natural Cures for Heel Spurs – the quack is strong in this one.

The whole ‘natural cures’ ¬†industry is a scam. Just because something is natural does not make it better. Arsenic is natural. Ionizing radiation is natural. Neither of them are any good for you. Arguing that something is better because it is natural is a logical fallacy.

As for the natural cures for heel spurs in the infographic below. None of them will or can work. Its that simple. It is physiologically implausible and biologically impossible for any of them to work; let alone there being a single shred of evidence showing they work. I never cease to be amazed at those who should know better are so devoid of any critical thinking skills.


AND, I won’t even get into the whole heel spurs aren’t a problem anyway issue … but they aren’t a problem; they are just an incidental finding which makes the above advice even worse.

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2 thoughts on “Natural Cures for Heel Spurs – the quack is strong in this one.

  1. Simon Bartold

    Hmm.. what a load of bollocks.. I did love point 7.. enjoy a good each way bet. Not sure I entirely agree heels spurs are just an incidental finding though Craig.. the evidence is waxing and waning on this one, almost by the month. They can certainly be an issue if they fracture.. anyway.. good find as usual, I always love reading this stuff.


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